I am a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming. I have a Masters Degree in Communication, my thesis focused on Political Communication through Social Media. I am a Cheyenne Native and am working on finding a job in my field. I help to run a small non-profit the supports the Scouting in Cheyenne and the surrounding area, namely the Boy Scout Troop 101 and co-ed scouting Venture Crew 101. In my spare time I am what some people might call outdoors-y, in the last year or so I have gotten to go backpacking, mountain-biking, camping, and had the opportunity to go on a few other fun outdoor adventures. Over the last year, I have also been able embrace my wanderlust, traveling to the UK, France, Jamaica, and Canada as well as a few of the most beautiful place that the United States has to offer from famous National Parks including Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Badlands, to South Beach in Miami, Niagara Falls in New York, and I still would love to travel more. Among all of these awesome experiences I do enjoy spending time reading at home (mostly in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres) and watching tons of movies. I like to spend my time keeping up with current events and trends in the political sphere, and considering ways to better our political process or at least the communication that is currently making it so hard for our system to run smoothly.

New Horizons

If you have an future employment or project opportunities please contact me.